Video: India’s population is 1 billion 300 crores… Imran Khan’s ‘Geography’ is also weak

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is once again on target for his common sense. This time, while addressing the people, he told the population of India as one billion 300 crores. Not only this, even while giving this figure, Imran’s tongue was faltering. Even before this, Imran Khan has been a target for his geography knowledge. In Tehran, he had told Japan and Germany as neighboring countries. Not only this, he also denied China being a neighboring country of Pakistan.

Imran told the population of India as 1 billion 300 crores
In the clip going viral on social media, Imran Khan said that there are two World Cups in cricket. One is Test cricket and the other is ODI cricket. After this, he praised New Zealand in the ICC Test Cricket Championship held in June, saying that the population of four or five million, India, which has a population of one billion 300 crores, they defeated the championship of Test cricket.

Japan and Germany are good neighbours: Imran
During his visit to Iran in April 2019, Imran Khan had described Japan and Germany as neighboring countries in front of a packed crowd of journalists in Tehran. Whereas, the reality is that Japan is located in the continent of Asia and Germany in Europe. Geographically, Japan and Germany are located thousands of kilometers apart from each other. Imran had said that Japan and Germany had reached an agreement after killing each other’s country. So, the business of both is very good now.

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Imran did not accept China as a neighboring country
In June 2021, Imran Khan did not consider China as a neighboring country of Pakistan. When an American channel asked Imran why do you keep silent on the atrocities on Uighurs, he started making false allegations against India regarding Kashmir. After which the reporter asked if China is giving you money, so you are silent, then Imran started peeping on it. He said that those who are on the border of my country, I am more worried about them. Imran Khan once again got stuck on this because China’s Xinjiang province is on the border of Pakistan.

[Attribution to NBT]

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