Video: Kim Jong Un became 2.0 after getting his hair cut, people said – North Korean will not be able to recognize

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A man goes to the salon for a haircut. Instead of demanding a particular style from Barber, he demands to cut his hair like North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. This demand was challenging for Barber but he decided to satisfy his customer. After getting a haircut like Kim Jong Un, the customer shared his video on Tiktok. People are very fond of this video and it is becoming increasingly viral.

Can’t stop laughing after seeing the new lookIn the viral video, a man can be seen sitting on a chair in a barber shop. He is recording his reaction after getting a haircut like Kim Jong. The barber cutting his hair can also be seen in the clip. Seeing this largely successful experiment with hair, both are laughing a lot. Sharing the video on Reddit, the caption read, ‘Kim Jong Un Style Haircut’.

funny advice given by peopleThe more funny this video is, the more funny the comments are coming on it. A social media user praised Barber and wrote, ‘Great! Kim should hire it.’ Another user praised the customer’s new look. One user wrote, ‘I want this person to dress like Kim Jong Un and go to North Korea and confuse the border guards.’

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Kim Jong Un’s look changed againKim Jong Un is often in discussion about his looks. Recently, it was seen in the pictures that Kim Jong Un’s weight has probably reduced by 10 to 20 kilograms. With this, the often speculations about his health got air again. Many reports have claimed that Kim has reduced her weight by up to 20 kg. His watch is already loose and his face looks thin. Some analysts say that the 5-foot-eight-inch tall Kim weighed 140 kg earlier and has now lost perhaps 10 to 20 kg.

[Attribution to NBT]

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