Video: Srikar Bharat hits a six off the last ball, see how the thrill of the 20th over was

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Although the match between Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore did not mean much in terms of playoffs, but this match was full of excitement. And a thrill that lasted till the last ball. Bangalore needed four runs to win off the last ball and Bangalore wicketkeeper Srikar Bharat hit him for a six and made the match in the name of the team.

Know how the thrill of the last over was

19.1- Bangalore needed 16 runs to win in the last over. Glenn Maxwell hit a brilliant four off the first ball of Avesh Khan.

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19.2- Avesh Khan to Maxwell – Good length ball outside off stump. He quickly recognized the length of the ball and pulled it over deep midwicket for two runs. This was Maxwell’s sixth half-century this season.

19.3– Avesh Khan next ball to Maxwell – One run on leg bye. Maxwell tries to play the ball on the leg side. The ball hits Maxwell’s pads. Delhi Capitals Rishabh Pant decided to take a review from behind the wicket. It was clear that the ball had pitched outside the leg-stump. That is, Maxwell was not out.

Now eight runs were needed from three balls. Fantastic ball. Full and outside off stump. Bharat tries to hit the ball over Avesh Khan’s head but the ball does not hit the bat. 19.5- 8 runs were needed off the last two balls. The match was almost out of Bangalore’s hands. Avesh Khan bowled a yorker in the fifth ball of the 20th over. Bharat could score two runs on this. Axar Patel misfielded at midwicket, which was taken advantage of by the Bangalore batsmen.

19.6- Now Bangalore needed six runs off the last ball. Avesh once again tried to bowl a yorker, but this time he could neither control the line nor the length. Wide outside leg stump.

Five runs were needed off the last ball. Four runs i.e. super over. Avesh Khan bowls a full toss ball over the middle-stump. Bharat goes back to the crease and then hits the ball over the bowler’s head. Six. With this shot, Royal Challengers Bangalore won the match by seven wickets.

However, this match did not make any difference in the playoffs. Mumbai’s team is out of the race for the playoffs. While Delhi Capitals has been on top and Chennai Super Kings in second place. Royal Challengers Bangalore became the third team and Kolkata Knight Riders became the fourth team to reach the playoffs. The teams in the top 2 get a higher chance of reaching the finals. Before these two, there is the first qualifier, which the winning team directly advances to the final. This is followed by the Eliminator match, which is played by the third and fourth placed teams. In this, the losing team ends, while the winning team plays the losing team in the first qualifier in the second qualifier. Here the winning team advances to the final where it plays the winning team of the first qualifier.

How will the playoffs match up?
1st Qualifier, 10 October (Dubai)– Delhi Capitals vs Chennai Super Kings

Eliminator, October 11 (Sharjah)- Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Second Qualifier, 13 October (Sharjah)- Between the winner of the eliminator and the team that lost in the first qualifier

Final, 15 October (Dubai)- Between the winner of the first qualifier and the winning team of the second qualifier

[Attribution to NBT]

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