Video: World’s longest and heaviest plane took off, Pakistanis panicked

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The AN-225, the world’s longest and heaviest aircraft, took off from Afghanistan to Pakistan’s Karachi airport on Wednesday after being on the ground for nearly 10 months. This plane came back from Afghanistan with military equipment in view of the withdrawal of the US Army. The horrifying video of this Pakistani plane landing in Karachi is now being shared fiercely on social media. The flight of this giant aircraft was stopped in August 2020 due to the corona virus epidemic. The Russian-made Antonov An-225 aircraft took off from Gostomel Antonov Airport in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. This plane came to Afghanistan and from there reached Karachi with military goods. In the viral video of this plane, it is going right over the houses in Karachi.
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It took the airport staff 10 hours to unload the luggage from the ship.
This plane, weighing about 6,40,000 tons, looks absolutely giant. This longest and largest aircraft was built by the Soviet Union in the 1980s. It first took off in December 1988. For the first time, it took a commercial flight from Stuttgart Airport in Germany to Oman. The aircraft is part of Antonov Airline’s fleet of aircraft and is used for emergency and disaster management. This giant aircraft often also carries military equipment in West Asia. The plane has carried wind turbine blades, generators and medical supplies in case of emergency. The wingspan of this aircraft is 88.4 meters and the height is about 18.2 meters. Last year, this plane went from China to Poland with 100 cubic meters of medical supplies. It is believed to be the largest cargo carried by an aircraft. A week later, this plane broke its own record. The situation was that the airport staff took 10 hours to unload all the luggage from the ship.

[Attribution to NBT]

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