Warships, submarines and aircraft carriers… How powerful is the Chinese Navy compared to the Quad countries?

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Washington/New Delhi
China is irritated about the quad countries summit to be held in America. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison will participate in this summit. This meeting is being considered very important in view of the increasing aggression of China in the Indo-Pacific region. All the countries of the Quad can discuss the security of mutual interests and the strategy to deal with China.

China has the world’s largest navy
At present, the number of warships and submarines included in the PLAN, even the US does not have. It is a different matter that despite having such a large number of weapons with the Chinese Navy, their fire power and combat capability are much less than many countries of the world. Chinese President Xi Jinping has claimed many times in his speeches that the purpose of his army is not to attack any country. In such a situation, the question arises that why is China increasing the strength of its navy so fast?

China is rapidly building warships and submarines
At present, China is rapidly building warships and submarines for its navy. Seven of China’s 62 submarines are nuclear powered. In such a situation, it does not have to spend much in the form of conventional fuel. China was already well versed in the art of shipbuilding. In 2015, the Chinese Navy conducted a massive campaign to equalize its strength with the US Navy. The work to transform the PLA into a world-class fighting force continues at the same pace today.

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ship type

Aircraft Carrier (Large)
— 11 — — —

Aircraft Carrier (Small)
2 — 2 4 —

Amphibious Assault Ship LHD
39 — — 2

Amphibious Transport Dock LPD
8 11 1 3 1

Cruiser/Destroyer (Large)
3 24 — — —

35 68 9 28 3

39 22 13 14 8

missile corvettes
71 — 12 — —

diesel electric submarine
46 — 15 21 6

nuclear submarine (SSN)
6 54 — — —

Strategic Submarine (SSBN)
6 14 2 — —

By 2025, the Chinese Navy will have 400 battle force ships

According to the US Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), there were 255 battle force ships in the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) fleet in 2015. By the year 2020, the total number of battle force ships with the Chinese Navy increased to 360, which is 60 more than the total ships of the US Navy. ONI has predicted that four years from today, that is, by 2025, China will have a total of 400 battle force ships.

Afghanistan, China, Corona will be big issues in Quad Summit
Afghanistan, China and the corona virus could be big issues in the Quad meeting. The first one-on-one meeting of the Quad heads of state could see talks on the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. All member states have so far remained silent on recognizing the Taliban government. At the same time, there is a possibility of discussion on China’s aggression and increasing penetration in Afghanistan. Apart from this, all countries can agree to accelerate the production of corona vaccine and provide it to other countries.

China is worried about the AUKUS Pact
The US and UK have agreed to the AUKUS agreement with Australia. Through this, America will share the technology of its nuclear submarine with Australia. Australia is working on a plan to build 8 such nuclear submarines. The importance of AUKUS can be gauged from the fact that the US has so far made such a deal only with Britain. It is believed that these submarines of Australia can become a cause of concern for China.

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