Watch video: Ronaldo, who removed speaking from the table, has advertised Coca-Cola 15 years ago

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New Delhi
A video of Cristiano Ronaldo went viral on social media on Tuesday. In this, she removed two bottles of Coca-Cola from the table before the match between Portugal and Hungary in Euro Cup 2020. After this the company suffered a huge loss of four billion dollars. Some people praised Ronaldo for this, while some also called him a ‘mischievous behavior’. Actually the reason behind this is an old advertisement in which Ronaldo himself is promoting Coke. In this advertisement, Ronaldo is seen playing football on a can of Coca Cola kept in the fridge. He is kicking an ice cube instead of a football. This is a 2006 ad, which was part of the company’s advertising campaign. After this, when Ronaldo removed the bottles of Coca Cola during the press conference, people started sharing that old video. Some people say that this is hypocrisy because Ronaldo himself has advertised it and asked people to drink it and now he is refusing to drink carbonated drinks. Although some people say that this is the right way. He says that it is not right to take out a video of 15 years ago and show it in today’s context.

[Attribution to NBT]

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