Watch Video: Taliban celebrates the reign of Afghanistan, takes out US-UK funeral

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The Taliban celebrated the withdrawal of all Western troops from Afghanistan in their own way. Fireworks and explosions will probably be common, with Taliban fighters carrying out mock funerals of American, British, French and NATO forces. Thousands of these people came out on the streets and celebrated the ‘victory’ of this war that lasted for 20 years. These fighters who landed in the streets had wrapped the flags of America, Britain, France on the coffins. In Khost province, this crowd was waving the symbol of the Taliban. A few days ago, there were huge demonstrations against the Taliban here. At the same time, in Kandahar too, thousands of people carrying white flags of Taliban came out to celebrate. Before this, the last US soldiers had left the country.

fired, raised the flag
The fighters opened fire in the air, hoisted Taliban flags at the airport and raised slogans of victory. Top Taliban leader Anas Haqqani confirmed that the US has officially left Afghanistan after 19 years and 8 months. In another video, Taliban fighters can be seen walking inside a hangar at Kabul airport and checking a Chinook helicopter. The Taliban described the withdrawal of US troops as a “historic moment” and said Afghanistan was now completely “liberated”.

America returned
The US has ended its military presence in Afghanistan ahead of the Taliban’s deadline. America’s last flight from Afghanistan, C-17, took off from Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul at 3.29 pm on 30 August. US President Joe Biden thanked his commanders for the dangerous return of their commanders from Afghanistan.

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[Attribution to NBT]

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