‘We will not forgive terrorists, we will find and kill them’, US President said on Kabul attack

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President Joe Biden is furious after the death of American soldiers in a bombing outside Kabul airport. After the attack, Joe Biden said in a speech from the White House that we will not forgive terrorists, we will find them and punish them. In fact, 12 American soldiers have died in a suicide attack outside Kabul Airport.

We won’t forgive, we’ll find them and kill them
Warning the attackers of Kabul, he said- ‘We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will find you, kill you and punish you for your actions.’ President Biden said- ‘We will rescue American citizens from Afghanistan. We will drive out our Afghan allies and our mission will continue.

No evidence of nexus between Taliban and ISIS
After the suicide attack outside Kabul airport, US President Joe Biden said – ‘So far there is no evidence of complicity between the Taliban and Islamic State in the attacks on Kabul airport.’

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Biden had already given an alert of attack
US President Joe Biden himself had warned of an attack on Kabul airport at least three times. On 20 August, he had said that we are also keeping a close watch on any possible terrorist threat in or near the airport. This includes ISIS allies in Afghanistan who have been released after breaking into prisons.

15 soldiers injured also news
Let us tell you that 12 American soldiers have been killed in two blasts in Kabul on Thursday evening. Late night US officials have confirmed this. Among the dead, 11 are Marines and one Navy soldier, 15 soldiers are said to be injured. Initially it was said that at least 13 people died in these, later this number increased to 60. These two attacks took place outside the airport. The first attack took place at the Abbey Gate near the Baron Hotel, the second at the Main Gate. Terrorist organization ISIS has claimed responsibility.

[Attribution to NBT]

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