‘Whatever is happening in Afghanistan, its consequences will be important’, India will be saved from taking any new step

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New Delhi
Until India’s concerns about the Taliban are not resolved, India will neither take any new steps regarding Afghanistan nor will it take any initiative under any kind of pressure. According to sources, the central government led by PM Narendra Modi has indicated to take a firm stand on this issue. India has taken this stand at a time when different countries in the world are trying to mediate on the issue of Taliban. Last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia, Iran, China and Pakistan are working together to solve the Taliban problem.

told America indirectly
For the first time, India has also indirectly blamed the US for the unrest and instability that followed the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan. India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has said that India was not kept in the loop in the Doha agreement between the US and the Taliban last year. The coming days will be crucial, but the most important concern right now is that Afghanistan’s land should not be used for terrorism. He was speaking at the annual Leadership Summit of the US-India Strategic Alliance Forum. Here Jaishankar reiterated that India is in no hurry to recognize the Taliban-led regime. However, Jaishankar did say that India and the US have similar views on many issues related to the recent developments in Afghanistan. According to Foreign Ministry sources, America is now realizing that many countries are serving their own interests in the matter of Taliban. It is known that Biden has expressed his concern about the Taliban and has also said in clear words how the alliance of China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran is trying to control things there.

India is not in the loop
In fact, India has never been in the loop in the negotiations made by the US and other countries regarding the Taliban. For the last two years, a way was being sought for the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan on 16 August and the complete withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan by the US on 31 August. On February 29 last year, India’s representative did attend the negotiations in Doha, but later India stayed away from the entire process. India’s stance still stands that the Taliban did not include its own team in Doha in government formation, which negotiated a deal with the international community over the past two years.

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