‘What’s the glow on the face?’ PM Modi congratulates children going to school

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New Delhi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the opening of the school has brought a glow on the faces of the students. He said that after one-and-a-half-two years, the joy of meeting friends of the school and studying in classes is clearly visible on the faces of the students. PM said these things while addressing the inaugural conference of Shikshak Parv through video conferencing. Students from all corners of the country also participated in the conference.

There is a different glow on the faces of children: PM
PM said on this occasion, ‘I am also seeing the faces of our students who are present in this program on the screen. For the first time in one and a half or two years, this different glow is visible on your face. This brightness probably seems to be the opening of the school.’ Modi further said, ‘After a long time going to school, meeting friends, studying in class, it is something else that enjoys it. But, along with enthusiasm, we all have to follow the corona rules strictly.

appreciation of online education
The Prime Minister also mentioned the wonderful work done in the education sector during the Corona period. He said, ‘In this Corona era, all of you have shown how much the power of our education system is. The challenges were many, but you all resolved those challenges swiftly. While discussing from online studies to examinations, the PM said, “Online classes, video calls, online projects, online exams… Earlier such words were not even heard by many people, but our parents and youths did them easily. made a part of daily life. Now is the time to take these capabilities forward. Give a new direction to what we have learned in this difficult time.

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New education policy based on partnership
The Prime Minister said that today fortunately the country has an environment of change. At the same time, there is also a modern and featureistic policy like the new National Education Policy. Therefore, for some time now, the country has been continuously taking a decision in the education sector, a change is being seen. Referring to the new National Education Policy (NEP), he said, “This campaign is not just policy based but participatory”. The PM further said, ‘From the formulation of NEP to its implementation, there has been contribution of the academic world, experts, teachers, everyone at every level. You all deserve praise for this. Now we have to take this participation to a new level, we also have to involve the society in it.

The mention of Vidyanjali 2.0
The PM said that when the society does something together, then the desired results are definitely obtained. He said, ‘You have seen that in the last few years, public participation is again becoming the national character of India. In the last 6-7 years, due to the power of public participation, such things have been done in India, which no one could have imagined. The Prime Minister said, ‘Vidyanjali 2.0’ is like a platform for the country’s resolve of ‘Sabka Prayas’ with ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas’. In this our society, our private sector has to come forward and contribute in increasing the quality of education in government schools.

Congratulations to the National Award winning teachers
At the beginning of the address, Modi congratulated our teachers who received the National Award and appreciated the contribution made for the future of the students in the country during the difficult times of Corona. The PM also launched many important initiatives in the education sector during the inaugural conference of Shikshak Parv. He said, ‘Today on the occasion of Shikshak Parv, many new schemes have been started. This initiative is also important because the country is currently celebrating the nectar festival of independence. New resolutions are being taken for how India will be after 100 years of independence.

[Attribution to NBT]

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