WHO approves China’s Sinovac for children from 3 years old to 17 year olds

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The World Health Organization (WHO) formally approved China’s vaccine for use in emergency on 1 June. Yin Wei Tong, chairman of the Sinovac company board, said that the Sinovac vaccine has received emergency use in 47 countries around the world besides China before it was formally recognized for emergency use by the WHO. This means that the Chinese vaccine is compatible with the production quality standards of more countries, while China will be able to provide the vaccine to more countries. He said that Sinovac took into account the needs of China and the whole world while projecting the production capacity of the vaccine. Presently the planned annual production of vaccine in Sinovac company is 200 million doses but the total production at Sinovac company in the first half of this year is more than the planned annual production. He has provided over 600 million doses of the vaccine all over the world. He further added that Sinovac is conducting clinical research for the small group. Its clinical trials began earlier this year. So far the first and second phases of the respective clinical trials have been completed. Hundreds of volunteers participated in the trials of both these phases. According to research data, the post-vaccination survival rate in 3-17 year olds is similar to that of an 18 year old adult group. He said volunteers over the age of 60 participated in the Phase III clinical trial. Whereas in countries like Brazil, Chile and Turkey, according to vaccination policy, seniors enjoy priority vaccination rights.

[Attribution to NBT]

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