Why has Satyapal Malik become a headache for BJP? again created uncomfortable situation

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New Delhi Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik has given a big statement amidst increasing terrorist incidents in Jammu and Kashmir. He has also been the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir. This statement has definitely increased the pain of BJP. Malik said that during his governorship in Srinagar, terrorists could not crack even 50-100 kms from it. At the same time, now they are carrying out murders in the state. Contrary to the government’s stand, he also supported the withdrawal of three central agricultural laws. This is not the first time that Malik has taken a contrary stand against the government. He has done this before as well. Malik’s latest statement is a direct attack on the failure of the BJP government to check terror incidents in Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir has become a Union Territory. Right now its command is in the hands of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha. He was also the last governor of this state. It was during his tenure that Article 370, which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir, was removed.

If the farmers do not listen, the government will not come again
Apart from this, the Governor of Meghalaya also supported the farmers agitating against the three agricultural laws of the Center. Said that if farmers are not listened to, then this central government will not come again. Malik said that the resignation of Union Minister Ajay Mishra in the Lakhimpur Kheri case should have happened on the same day. He doesn’t deserve to be a minister just like that. Satyapal said that atrocities are happening with the farmers. He has been lying for 10 months. He has left home again and again, it is time for sowing crops and he is still lying in Delhi, so his government should listen. The Governor said that he is standing with the farmers. For him, the Prime Minister, the Home Minister have fought the most. Everyone has been told that this is going wrong. The one who has a government is very proud. They do not understand until the complete annihilation happens. Whatever the governments are, their mood gets a little in the sky. But, when the time comes, they also have to see and listen. This is what the government has to be.

Corona’s mismanagement was raised
Malik, who was the Governor of Goa, raised the issue of mismanagement of Kovid. At the same time, he had also objected to the decision of the state government to build a new Raj Bhavan. Due to this, relations between Satya Pal Malik and the Chief Minister of Goa had deteriorated. In view of this, he was made the Governor of Meghalaya.

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How did the political journey begin?
The ancestors of Satyapal Malik, who comes from a Jat family, are from Haryana, but Satyapal Malik’s birth is from West UP. Influenced by Lohia’s socialism, Satyapal Malik, who started his political journey as a student leader, caught up with Chaudhary Charan Singh, who was emerging as a new force in UP on the basis of anti-Congress protests in the 70s. Charan Singh used to say, ‘This young man has the zeal to do something.’ He gave ticket to Satyapal Malik from his then party- Bharatiya Kranti Dal in 1974 and at the age of 28, Satyapal was elected MLA.

parties are changing
Maturing with age and experience, when Satyapal realized that Chaudhary’s support would keep him confined to the politics of West UP, he left the Congress opposition and joined the Congress. Reached Rajya Sabha in 1984. Within the next few years, a slogan against the Congress started resonating from within the Congress, ‘Raja nahi fakir hai, desh ki fortunee hai’. VP Singh asked Satyapal, ‘Will you come with us?’ Satyapal joined the Janata Dal. Became MP and also a minister in VP government, but in 2004 he joined BJP. He contested from Baghpat against Ajit Singh, the son of his political guru Chaudhary Charan Singh. Defeated, but BJP retained him with them. After the Modi government came in 2014, he was first made the governor of Bihar, then he became the governor of Jammu and Kashmir. After this he was the governor of Goa and then of Meghalaya.

[Attribution to NBT]

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