Why is Sushma Swaraj missing India today taking out a kayak from Ukraine’s storm

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New Delhi: Due to (Kyiv Attack) and Kharkiv (Kharkiv News), India is running a massive operation to rescue Indian students stranded across Ukraine. At present, four Union Ministers of the country are trying their best to evacuate the students from the neighboring country of Ukraine under Operation Ganga. Meanwhile, a video of the late former External Affairs Minister is going viral in which she is referring to the country’s efforts to evacuate Indian people during the Yemen war.

what in sushma’s viral video
The nearly four-and-a-half-minute viral video of Sushma Swaraj mentions India’s efforts to evacuate Indian citizens during the Yemen war. In the video, Sushma is saying that every time Prime Minister Narendra Modi goes abroad, many people say that the PM lives in the ship. These trips are not for leisure or fun. These trips are meant to build relationships, build personal relationships and develop friendships. We have seen the experience of these relationships in 5 years. When the Yemen war started and the citizens of India were trapped there, the problems of getting them out came before us. It was a challenge, not a problem. Shells were raining from above, robbers were sitting in the sea. There was a fight with guns on the ground. Water, land and air, all three roads were closed. How to remove Then I asked PM Narendra Modi to talk to the King of Saudi Arabia. The PM spoke to King and urged him to stop the war in Yemen for 7 days. Then the Saudi King said that give him an hour’s time. After some time, when the Saudi King got a call, he said that for 7 days, the attacks cannot be stopped simultaneously. But can stop firing for 2 hours every day and can stop for 7 days. During this, you ask your foreign minister to evacuate the citizens. The PM said that he is ready to stop the shelling for 2 hours every day. Then I said that our work will go on with this. Then it felt that Yemen’s airport would have to be opened. So they said that in those two hours we will open the airport. Then I told General (R) VK Singh () that you handle the field, I handle it from here. Singh reached Djibouti from where the operation was going on. We were successful in evacuating about 5 thousand Indian nationals and about two thousand foreign nationals from 48 countries. Before today, whenever there was such a problem, people used to plead in front of America, people used to beg in front of Israel. America was a super power. But this was such an operation in which 48 countries America, France, Germany also said that we are not able to take it out, only you are bringing it out. Please take out our citizens too. We brought out 1,972 people from 48 countries including Pakistan. So the relationship worked and we brought our people out.

pakistani students came out with indian flag
This time also in Ukraine crisis, Pakistani students are leaving the war-torn area with the flag of India. Pakistani students told that they had to face a lot of trouble to leave Ukraine. Pakistan is not successful in getting its citizens out of there, so the students there are leaving there with the students carrying the Indian tricolor.

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what was the Yemen crisis
The ongoing indirect ‘war’ between Saudi Arabia and Iran has devastated Yemen badly. Even the United Nations has called it the world’s biggest catastrophe. More than 12 crore people are suffering from hunger here. In 2021, there was a fierce battle between the Arab-led coalition. Hundreds of Houthi rebels were killed during this period. 130,000 people have died in Yemen during this war. Thousands of Indians were trapped in Yemen during this war itself. India had launched a big campaign to rescue the same stranded Indians. India, through its relations, not only evacuated Indian citizens from there but also brought foreign nationals safely to their country.

Russia will also give safe corridor to India

Russia has intensified attacks in many major cities of Ukraine, including Kharkiv. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone on Wednesday amid the deteriorating situation in Ukraine. PM Modi discussed with Putin to rescue Indians trapped in Ukraine. On the other hand, Russian President Putin made a big allegation on the Ukrainian army and told PM Modi that the Ukrainian army has taken Indian students present there hostage and is using them as human shields. With this, the Ukrainian army is preventing Indians from entering Russian territory. Russia issued a statement saying that the Russian Armed Forces are ready to take all necessary steps for the safe evacuation of Indian citizens. We are ready to send them (Indian citizens) from Russian territory to their homes by our own military transport plane or Indian aircraft as India wishes.

PM Modi talks to Ukrainian President Zelensky
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This conversation took place in the midst of Russia’s (PM Modi talks with Volodymyr Zelenskyy) attack on Ukraine. During the talks, Zelensky is believed to have sought political help from PM Modi in the UN Security Council. Prime Minister Modi also conveyed India’s concern for the safety of Indian citizens, including students present in Ukraine. He sought convenience from the Ukrainian authorities for the safe evacuation of Indian nationals.

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