Why is the Hazara community a target of Taliban and ISIS? Whose Muslims are killing

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The echo of the recent terrorist attack on the minority of Afghanistan is being heard all over the world. The United Nations Security Council has condemned the June 8 attack on the Hazara community in Baghlan-e-Markazi, Afghanistan. India has also said that it is deeply concerned about the deliberate targeting of religious and ethnic minorities in Afghanistan. In this attack by the terrorist organization Islamic State in Khoresan Province (ISKP), 10 workers of the Hazara community were killed, while 14 others were injured.

Hazara people are killed in the name of Islam
Sunni Muslims form the majority in Afghanistan and Pakistan, who oppose minorities of their own religion such as Ahmadiyyas and Hazaras. Apart from Pakistan, there have been many crimes against the Hazara community under the Taliban rule in Afghanistan as well. The Taliban terrorists not only shoot the people of the Hazara community, but also mistreat the women of their community.

Who is Hazara
The Hazara community is a community of Shia Muslims living in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Those who speak the Hazagi dialect of Dari Persian. The Hazara are an Afghan ethnic minority group of Persian, Mongolian and Turkic descent. He is also considered a descendant of the Mongol ruler Genghis Khan. It is said that a squad of thousand soldiers was prepared in the Mongol army. It is possible that the Hazara community may have originated from there.

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Taliban also massacred Hazara community
The people of Hazara community are Shia Muslims. The Hazaras are believed to have converted to Shia during the time of the Safavi dynasty in Persia in the early 16th century. Since most of Afghanistan are Sunni Muslims, the Hazara community has been subjected to crime and discrimination for centuries. Millions of people from the Hazara community were massacred during the Taliban rule.

Now 15 lakh Hazaras are left in Pakistan
Today there are about three million Hazara Muslims living in Afghanistan. They are the third largest sub-caste after Pashtuns and Tajiks. Their population in Pakistan is said to be around 1.5 million, most of whom live around Quetta. Quetta of Pakistan is adjacent to Afghanistan and Iran. Therefore, people of Hazara community live more in these areas.

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