Why is there enmity between Israel and Hezbollah? Know all about this Shia terrorist organization of Lebanon

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Tel Aviv
Israeli Air Force fighter jets destroyed multiple missile launch sites in Lebanon early Thursday with their precision bombings. On Wednesday itself, several rockets were fired at Israel from Lebanon. These rockets had landed in an open area in northern Israel, due to which there was a fire. After this, Israel retaliated by first firing cannon shells and then later through fighter planes and bombed inside Lebanon.

Palestinian terrorists attacked with the help of Hezbollah
It is believed that Palestinian terrorist groups operating in Lebanon are behind this attack. Lebanon’s largest extremist organization Hezbollah has not claimed responsibility for the attacks. On the other hand, some experts believe that Hezbollah is the biggest threat to Israel. However, it is unlikely that Palestinian groups operating in Lebanon could operate without Hezbollah’s permission.

Who is Hezbollah?
Hezbollah is a hardline Shia terrorist organization in Lebanon. The Hezbollah organization came into existence in 1982 when Israel invaded southern Lebanon. However, Hezbollah was officially established in 1985. Since then, Hezbollah fighters continue to attack Israel. Israel has also conducted several operations against Hezbollah.

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How was Hezbollah born?
The script for the birth of Hezbollah dates back to Israel’s founding. In 1943, there was a political settlement between Shia, Sunni and Christians in Lebanon. Under this, Sunni Muslims were given the position of Prime Minister, while Christians were given the position of President and Shia Muslims were given the post of Speaker of Parliament. In such a situation, the Prime Minister of Lebanon could only become a Sunni Muslim. This agreement lasted for about 25 years, but due to the arrival of Sunni Muslims from Palestine, religious equations in Lebanon began to get disturbed. This was the reason why Shia Muslims began to fear being ousted from the power of Lebanon.

Lebanese Shias united against Sunnis
This led to a civil war between Shia and Sunni Muslims in Lebanon in 1975. During this, Palestinian fighters took advantage of the opportunity to attack Israel from southern Lebanon. After which, in retaliation in 1978, Israel occupied many parts of Lebanon. During this, in 1979, the government changed in Shia-majority Iran and it started giving weapons to the vulnerable Shias in Lebanon.

Hezbollah first came into existence in 1982
After which the name of Hezbollah came into existence for the first time in 1982. Hezbollah meant the party of Allah. In this, persecuted Shia fighters from Lebanon were recruited and Iran started using them against Israel. Hezbollah soon became known as the largest Shi’ite armed organization in the Middle East. In 1985, Hezbollah issued a manifesto announcing the expulsion of Western forces from Lebanon. It also wrote about the destruction of Israel and respect for Iran’s supreme religious leader.

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