Why Shahrukh Khan advised Aamir Khan not to work together because of Kajol’s evil

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Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are considered to be one of the best onscreen jodis of Bollywood. Apart from acting, both of them are also very good friends. However, Kajol’s first impression on Shahrukh was not very good. Shah Rukh and Kajol worked together for the first time in ‘Baazigar’ and it did not start well. Even when Aamir Khan expressed his desire to work with Kajol, King Khan advised him that he will not be able to work with Kajol as she is ‘too bad’.

Aamir wanted to work with Kajol
Even though it looks quite shocking, but Shahrukh Khan had admitted this during an interview. Talking about the experience of working with Kajol, the actor had said, “When I was working with Kajol on Baazigar, Aamir Khan asked me about Kajol because he wanted to work with her.”

Shahrukh said – Kajol is not focused
King Khan said, ‘I messaged Aamir that Kajol is very bad and she has no focus. You won’t be able to work with them. Then I saw the crowd in the evening. I kept calling Aamir to clear. I told her that I don’t know what it is but Kajol is magical on screen.

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Kajol is celebrating her birthday
Let me tell you, Kajol is celebrating her birthday on Thursday i.e. 5th August. Fans and celebs are constantly congratulating him on social media. He spent this special day with the family.

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