Will Pakistan do ‘mischief’ after Taliban capture in Afghanistan? Former army chief warns, government should be shocked in Kashmir

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KolkataPakistan is excited about the Taliban taking power in Afghanistan. It is being seen as a victory for Pakistan and defeat for India. A country famous for providing safe havens to terrorists can get into a mood of mischief in view of this. Terrorist groups thriving on his land are expected to launch fresh attacks in the region. has given this warning. He has said that the government needs to increase its reach in Jammu and Kashmir. He needs to assure the people that India will remain a secular democracy. Terrorism was at its peak in Kashmir in the nineties. General Roy Chowdhury, who commanded the 16 Corps during that time, said Pakistan would “re-claim Kashmir” buoyed by the Taliban’s capture of power in Afghanistan. He said India needs to reach out to factions within the Taliban as well as former Afghan government forces backed by Ahmed Masood, son of the late anti-Taliban commander, Ahmed Shah Masood, in the Panjshir Valley. India has friendly relations with them.

Kashmiris will have to be given confidence
“We have to increase our reach to Kashmiris. We have to reassure them that India will remain a secular democracy. “We have to understand that the victory of Taliban in Afghanistan is being seen as a victory for Pakistan and defeat for India,” said, who was a part of the 1965 and 1971 wars. We have to organize ourselves for fresh attacks by elements like Jaish-e-Mohammed.’ “We have to be prepared for the designs of Pakistan in support of radical elements here,” he said.

Must be ready to give asylum to Afghans
General Roy Chowdhury, head of the think-tank Research Center for Eastern and North-Eastern Studies, said India’s role in Afghanistan should be focused on training, providing relief materials and most importantly providing shelter to all refugees. “The people of Afghanistan are still our friends,” he said. We should be ready to give them shelter. He also cautioned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina share good relations. However, the opposition forces in Bangladesh will be active again with the Taliban coming to power and they may not let this opportunity pass by.

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