Will the Captain continue to harass Sidhu like this, Congress and Guru are not getting answers in the questions

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New Delhi
Elections are due in Punjab next year. Be it Akali Dal or AAP (Aam Aadmi Party), every party is engaged in arithmetic. At the same time, the Congress, which is in power, is not able to recover from the pain of former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. The Captain has so much entangled the Congress in Punjab that he is getting absorbed in solving the mysteries. He has caused maximum damage to Navjot Singh Sidhu. The captain has created such conditions that in future also all avenues for Sidhu to become CM are closed. Now they probably have nothing left but to attack the Captain. The Captain’s chapter in Congress has been closed. He has left the party. The formation of a new team has also been announced. It is another matter that the ghost of Captain is not coming off the head of Congress especially Sidhu. He is still trying to attack them. When he is expected to strengthen the party in the midst of election drums, the state Congress chief is busy attacking the Captain, turning his back on the big challenges. Overall, Congress does not see any strategy for elections in Punjab.

Then the target is on Amarinder
Sidhu has again targeted Amarinder Singh. He has been described as the ‘architect’ of the three agricultural laws of the Center. Sidhu tweeted in the context of farmers’ allegations of increasing interference of big industrialists in agriculture after the implementation of agricultural laws. Wrote, ‘The architects of three black laws… who brought Ambani into Punjab’s farming… who ruined the farmers, small vendors and laborers of Punjab for the benefit of one or two big corporates.’

Sidhu is unable to recover from Amarinder
Sidhu’s latest tweet indicates that he is still following Amarinder very closely. The cricketer-turned-politician’s remarks came two days after Singh announced that he would soon form his own political party. He expressed hope that if the issue related to farmers’ interests is resolved, then seat-sharing with the BJP can be considered. Singh, who resigned as the CM last month, had also said that he was considering an alliance with like-minded parties such as the breakaway Akali groups. Sidhu did not name Amarinder Singh in the latest tweet, but shared a video of him with it, calling him the architect of agricultural laws. Hundreds of farmers have been camping at the borders of Delhi since November 26 last year to demand the repeal of three agricultural laws. Most of them are from Punjab and Haryana.

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Understand the reason for Sidhu’s painAmarinder Singh had resigned as the Chief Minister of Punjab last month amid a power struggle with Sidhu. Amarinder Singh had launched a scathing attack on Navjot Singh Sidhu after he resigned as the Chief Minister of Punjab. He had claimed that if Sidhu was made the Chief Minister, he would make Punjab unbearable. Sidhu has deep ties with Pakistan. The Prime Minister of Pakistan is a friend of Sidhu. Sidhu is also friends with General Bajwa. Amarinder had threatened that if Sidhu was made the CM, he would openly protest.

Road closed for becoming CM
Ignoring the displeasure of the Captain, even the Congress high command, which made Sidhu the PCC chief, could not muster the courage this time. Also a trump card plays. Charanjit Singh Channi becomes the new Chief Minister in place of Captain. After this, the state in-charge Harish Rawat gave a statement. Congress had to give clarification regarding this. He had said that the Congress would fight the elections under the leadership of Sidhu. On this statement of his, the people of the party had raised questions. Then it was clearly said that Channi would be the face of Congress in the election. Charanjit Singh Channi is the first Dalit CM of Punjab. Congress has told this thing with a trumpet-beating. The aim is to woo the backward caste voters. If the Congress under Channi’s leadership wins the election, it will be impossible to remove him. In such a situation, the path of Sidhu becoming CM is almost closed.

Give yourself a chance to others
Another thing is that Sidhu has constantly given opportunities to attack others especially Amarinder. He had suddenly resigned from the post of state Congress chief. Sidhu’s image was damaged by this quirky mood. Amarinder Singh again attacked him. Other parties also targeted him and made fun of him.

Captain got confused by Congress
The captain’s wicket was definitely lost due to Sidhu’s multiplication, but he has put both Congress and Sidhu in a mountain of confusion. Both of them probably don’t have the answer. Elections in Punjab are just a few months away. The party is unable to come out of the mess of Sidhu, Channi, Rawat and Amarinder. When then the issue of Punjab reaches Delhi. The party has not yet been able to clear what will be its issues, what will be its election strategy? Captain was the CM of Congress. By attacking them, the Congress may do more harm than good.

[Attribution to NBT]

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