Will you be able to get rid of masks this year? Know what health experts say

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New Delhi
For 15 months, the whole country is battling the corona epidemic. In any case, humans have to win this battle, no matter how many colors the virus changes, it mutates. The virus needs a human cell to survive. If humans do not change their behavior in this fight, follow Kovid guidelines, wear masks, then this fight will go in favor of humans. The biggest role in this will be of masks. Masks are one such social vaccine.

Vaccination of first 80 percent of the population is necessary
Director of LNJP
Dr. Suresh Kumar Said that the mask is very important. This can be got rid of only when 80% of the population is vaccinated and herd immunity is formed. In such a situation, the risk of spreading infection is reduced and there is less chance of the virus changing. As far as our country is concerned, only 5% of the population has got both doses, in this we cannot think of removing the mask. The way the variant is visible now, which is happening even after the vaccine, only a mask can save it.

Maintaining the habit of wearing a mask
of medicine department of AIIMS
Dr. Neeraj Nischal Said that right now we are all talking about the third web. Changes in the virus from above and new variants, in which delta and delta pulse are being talked about. The virus is changing form to keep itself alive and the challenge is to keep humans safe from it. If the virus is to be defeated in this fight, then humans should not allow mutations in their behavior. They have to maintain the habit of wearing masks at all times. Everyone should pay attention to four things, first if you are sick, then isolate yourself and get treatment. Wear the second mask, the third maintain social distance and do not go in the crowd without reason. Doctor Neeraj said that any variant of corona comes, it cannot bypass the Kovid behavior, so definitely apply a mask.

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Forget getting rid of the mask this year
Doctor at Hindurao Hospital
DK Das Said that this year, forget about getting rid of masks. It’s not fair to expect it now. Right now everyone has to wear a mask and this is the most important way of protection. Some countries have got rid of masks, but the population there is much less than in India. Vaccination is a challenge in India, it is not possible to vaccinate the vast population here in the shortest possible time. In such a situation, preventing the spread of infection is possible only through masks. If everyone adopts it well, it will be effective in this fight to a great extent.

If you keep wearing the mask, then the mutation will also stop
Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Delhi Medical Council
Dr. Narendra Saini Said that as the country is witnessing the mutation of the virus, in that mask is the only better solution, which can help in preventing this mutation as well. He said that the virus needs a human’s living cell to survive, if we keep wearing a mask, do not allow the virus to reach us, then this virus cannot survive. Therefore, everyone adopts it only then the spread of infection will stop and mutation of the virus will also stop.

Government should distribute masks among the people
Former President of Delhi Medical Association
Dr. Harish Gupta Said that we appeal to the government to distribute masks among the people, the more people wear the mask, the less the risk of spreading the infection. The government is busy with oxygen plants and other preparations, but if they distribute masks and make people aware to wear it, then such a situation will not arise when oxygen plants and treatment will be needed. Therefore, the government also needs to think in this direction.

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