Will you get rid of traffic jam? NASA is testing air taxi, now it will travel in the air

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People struggling with congested roads and traffic jams. This problem, which usually haunts the commuters on a daily basis, may soon become a thing of the past. Actually, the US space agency NASA is testing an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to save people from traffic jams. If this test is completely successful, then instead of roads, people will be able to travel from one place to another through air.

people will travel by air
Simply put, these air taxis can take passengers in the sky just like regular taxis do on the ground. NASA recently issued a statement saying that it began testing with Joby Aviation’s EVTOL aircraft in California as part of the agency’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) national campaign.

Can takeoff and land at 90 degrees
This aircraft can takeoff in the air at 90 degrees and land on the ground. It is also expected to be launched in the market by 2024. During this time, testing is also being done regarding the sound. For this, at least 50 microphones have also been installed on the taxi. This is expected to bring a big change in the aviation industry.

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Air taxi will be the new mode of transport
NASA reported that in the future, EVTOL aircraft could serve as air taxis in and around cities across the country. To this can be added another mode of transport for carrying people and goods. During this round of testing, NASA will collect data from this aircraft. Through this work will be done to launch air taxi as a commercial passenger service in future.

Work was going on for 10 years
NASA AAM Mission Integration Manager Davis Hackenberg said the National Campaign Developmental Testing is an important strategic step in NASA’s goals to accelerate the AAM industry timeline. Joben Bivert, CEO and Founder, Joby Aviation, said, “We have worked on this project for 10 years. It is a successful flying car. It can be flown between cities.

[Attribution to NBT]

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