You can watch their movies without downloading apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime

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new Delhi. You will also be active on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. These platforms are an easy way to watch the best movies. However, many times it happens when you download the apps of these platforms in your smartphone and gradually their data increases due to which these apps start falling a lot of space in your smartphone, as a result there is a lack of space in your smartphone. . In such a situation, you are not able to download many important apps in your smartphone because a lot of space is consumed due to these apps. If you are also struggling with this problem, then today we are going to tell you a way with the help of which you can watch and enjoy the movies on them by subscribing to these apps without downloading.

This is how OTT platforms can be seen
If you want to watch OTT platforms without downloading their app, then you will not need to make much effort because Google will be of great use to you. You can also enjoy the movies on these apps by visiting the website of these apps with the help of Google.

what is the process
For this, you have to first open the page of that OTT platform on Google. Now you will be asked to sign in and in this case, you have to click on the login option. However, if you have not yet created an account, then you will have to sign-in otherwise, if you already have an account, then you can access the account by logging in. After that all you have to do is Chunni your favorite movie and you can enjoy that movie. In the beginning, you will find it a bit awkward to watch movies of OTT platforms by going directly to the website, but if you want to save the space of your smartphone, then this method is very effective and many people are also using it for a long time.

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