You will earn big money on YouTube! The company introduced the Metaverse plan of 2022, you will also be able to earn money, know how

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New Delhi. We all use YouTube today. Here many other people including creators put their videos. Now Metaverse has also announced its entry on this platform. At the same time, YouTube announced plans for its Metaverse for the year 2022. Under this announcement, it has been told that the company will introduce a blockchain based non-fungible token ie. This will be quite different from YouTube’s current video system. That is, soon YouTube will enter. At this time, wherever there are cases of fraud coming to the fore, the chances of fraud in this system will be very less. Not only this, users will also be able to earn money from this. For this, YouTube videos and gaming content will be introduced in the digital art market.

Will become a source of big income:

Talking about blockchain-based NFT technology, users who put their videos on YouTube will be paid money if they show unique videos, photos and artwork. Anyone will be able to buy these videos, photos and art work here. Let us inform that in a few days NDT based single digital art work was sold for lakhs and crores of rupees.

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Youtube’s Metaverse will come:

Facebook has said that the company has announced to explore the world of the Metaverse even more. After Facebook, YouTube has announced its entry into the metaverse. The company had already said that it is planning and working on Web3 technology such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Let us tell you that work is also being done on the metaverse from YouTube.

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